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Low Cost RICS Commercial Surveys  ​

Leading Commercial Property Experts 

Commercial Buildings & Offices - Kent & East Sussex


Commercial Office & Industrial Surveys

Our team can undertake due diligence surveys to recored the condition of any premises before you enter into any formal lease, from snagging new unit or office to older buildings. This is essential when entering or moving into all or part of any commercial premises. Speak to our team whom will be able to put you in contact with one of our team members in your area. Get in contact today, we will beat any like for like fee!

Dilapidation Assessments & Scott Schedules

Ending your lease? We can advise you on your end of lease dilapidations assessment/settlement or surrender of your lease. Speak to our team for advice and support on your lease termination and settlement options. We always strive to seek the best financial settlement for our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. letting you know where you stand as soon as possible.


RICS Commercial Survey & Reports 

GTA have vast experience in commercial inspection & have the most up to date technology & equipment

RICS Acquisition or Lease Entry Survey

These have one main use, to protect your interests. By formally recording the condition of a building at lease commencement – prepared on behalf of a tenant to limit their future dilapidation repairing liability. A well-advised tenant who has a schedule of condition prepared can save thousands of pounds at lease termination by requesting a schedule of condition be attached to their lease. We strongly advise that an SOC is carried out at the commencement of any commercial lease. Quote Me



Why choose an RICS Surveyor?

Why should you choose an RICS qualified surveyor? Because you can be rest assured that you have the trust and professionalism worldwide. The RICS are the leading property and construction experts right across the globe. By employing qualified Surveyors, you can be assured that they will be providing up to date and high quality services.


Comprehensive Condition Reports

All of our report will always be of the high standard we expect from a Surveyor with RICS credentials. We can make our reports bespoke to our clients needs which makes us different to the rest! Our reports are professional and we will always provided copies in both digital and hard copy formats send swiftly and securely to our clients address. Speak to our team to find out more.

Licence to Alter : Commercial Premises

If you are looking to alter your existing leased space is is imperative that you don't breach your lease. Speak to our team today to ensure that any proposed alterations can be incorporated into the the lease going forward. Some changes can be classed as benefits and subject to disregard at lease exit stage, saving you time and money. Our teams can advise on the process and work through the licence process with you.


Please call or email us for any further information 


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Our professional staff are registered, qualified and regulated by the Chartered Institute of Building so you can be assured that the services they provide are to a professional standard and are only undertaken by qualified professionals. We are also celebrating 25+ years of individual experience in the built environment.

Our professional Engineers are also registered Chartered Building Engineer's with a wealth of experience in building engineering. Their professional services are regulated by the Chartered Association of Building Engineers to ensure piece of mind knowing that they have extensive qualifications and expertise in their respective fields.

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