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Cost Planning & Estimating Services 

Our Quantity Surveying & Estimating Services

From your home to your office environment. We have the experts on hand to save you money!


Quantity  Surveying Services

We offer a range of quantity surveying services. Our team can work with you throughout your project to control cost V's value on site, measuring works and materials to date protecting our clients interests. Through to producing a bill of quantities, materials schedules and project cost plans. We can also value engineer projects to make significant savings for our clients on priced projects or review designs to seek more economical solutions, often with the same or very similar finishes.

Independent Estimating Services

Cost is everything! Here at GTA we are commercially driven to seek the best outcome for clients. If you are a builder or contractor needing bills priced or need us to compile estimates for you, our team are here to help. We also help homeowners and commercial clients by producing project costs estimates, cost plans and suggested payment schedules or your project. Our self build service also helps those managing their own projects, to determine costs and materials. Give our team a call today!

Architect on Building Site

What is Value Engineering?

We have a number of examples where we can help save money on your proposed project through working with our clients. Understanding the technical performance of buildings, we can often reduce costs in unseen areas. Therefore saving cost without making major changes to the appearance or functional performance of your project. Time is money! So reducing labour by sequencing is also key to controlling cost or procuring the project in a more efficient manner can often yield savings.

How much will my extension cost?

So you've got your planning permission? what now? It is critical that you understand the expected cost of your project. Not only from the financing perspective, but to see what you can afford and what to expect in terms of contractors prices. Here at GTA we can provide a high level cost plan based on your planning permission or produce a detailed and itemised pre tender estimate if you have a completed design and specification.


Comprehensive Cost Planning Reports

We provide expert reporting to enable you to have complete control over the costs of your project. Our bespoke reporting tools allow us to give an elemental break down of where your costs are. This allows our clients to fully understand the whole cost of their project. Our reports also offer BCIS localised reporting for geographical areas allowing for market allowances.

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Our professional staff are registered, qualified and regulated by the Chartered Institute of Building so you can be assured that the services they provide are to a professional standard and are only undertaken by qualified professionals. We are also celebrating 25+ years of individual experience in the built environment.

Our professional Engineers are also registered Chartered Building Engineer's with a wealth of experience in building engineering. Their professional services are regulated by the Chartered Association of Building Engineers to ensure piece of mind knowing that they have extensive qualifications and expertise in their respective fields.

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